Lerolen Golf is working to bring a new level of precision milled putters with full customization to golf. Offering innovative perimeter weighting and using modern manufacturing techniques, Lerolen offers a product that performs each and every time.  Each putter is milled from a solid piece of material with tungsten weighting that is precision ground with CNC grinding equipment to guarantee size and weight.  

LX1 in Machine.jpg

The Idea

Lerolen Golf was founded in 2015 for the sole purpose of building and crafting the link between the golfer and the ball while putting. Ultimately creating that trustworthy link allowing the golfer to focus on line and speed, while knowing subconsciously their putter will perform as expected with superb repeatability each and every time.  Our passion for the game will show in our product; and in the end will show in your putter.


The Team

Started in the Winter of 2015, Lerolen has been in the product development stage ever since. Over the past year and some odd months product development has been priority one. The Team has been building, crafting and testing multiple prototypes in south-central Pennsylvania and anxiously awaits the initial product launch. Of course, it certainly helps progress teaming up with a top-level manufacturing engineer who has become a vital part of the Lerolen Golf Team.

Lx1 in Front of Block.jpg

The Original Putter

The original Lerolen Golf product named 'LX1' will be released during the early months of 2018. 'LX1' as a custom build only; a 303 Stainless Steel putter is precision milled from a solid block of metal with tungsten weighting for ultimate performance for every level of golfer.  Held to very specific quality checks (similar to those found in aerospace manufacturing), each and every Lerolen putter will be of top quality.  If not, it will never leave our shop.